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Birchwood Tree Services

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We recycle all tree and hedgerow waste



Crown Topping

Crown Reductions

Crown Lifting

Birchwood Tree Services for Tree Pruning, Tree Crowning (Thin, Lift, Top), Tree Felling, Tree Topping


Coronavirus: Safety first


We are keeping to the special measures according to the government guidelines.  We take all safety precautions seriously and endeavour to ensure our customers are safe during this current coronavirus pandemic.

We have taken special measures to enable us to continue providing our services at this difficult time and to enable us to continue to serve the community, for your peace of mind as well as our own.



Trees and Hedges Trimmed

Tree, Topping, removal, Crown, Lifting, Thinning, Stump, Grinding, Hedge-Trim

We provide all tree and hedgerow services from trimming to removal.

About Birchwood Tree Services

Our highly experienced teams have a great understanding of arboriculture and know what it takes to achieve top quality results.

Each and every job is assessed individually, providing tree care quotes based on your requirements.  Call us and let us do the work, we deal with all types of trees and hedges.  We have the expertise, experience and equipment, don't risk having a go yourself, it's best to be safe than sorry; we can take care of all your tree work, while you relax.
Our company is trusted and reliable, we do not accept payment until the customer is satisfied.

All work is guaranteed and we are fully insured.

We also recycle tree branches, hedge and shrub cuttings so nothing goes to waste.

All tree services available, Tree Pruning, Tree Crowning (Thin, Lift, Top), Tree Felling, Tree Topping, Stump Removal/Grinding down, all roots removed, Fruit trees pruned, Conifers trimmed and lowered. Hedges Trimmed, Thinned & Removed, Shrubs & Bushes Trimmed/shaped, Fencing, Gardening - lawns, tidying, Gravel supplied and laid, Wood chips supplied and laid.

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We are based in Southampton in Hampshire where most of our work is located, however we also work in the following and surrounding areas of:

Chichester - Southampton - West Sussex - Dorset - Hampshire - Surrey - Romsey - Winchester

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Hedge trimming

Hedge trimming is an art.

Although it seems like a straightforward task, hedge trimming can have disastrous effects if carried out by an unskilled handler. We always achieve to desired effect and will work with you to produce the result you want from your hedge.  Whether you need a general trim or shaping your hedges and shrubs, we have the equipment and the expertise.

Areas We Cover

We are based in Southampton in Hampshire where most of our work is located, however we also work in the following and surrounding areas:

Dorset - Southampton - Hampshire - Bournemouth - New Forest - Winchester - Romsey - Waterlooville - Fareham - Whitley - Stubbington - Eastleigh - Denmead - Petersfield - Liphook - Alton - and much more!

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Tree Pruning, Crown Lifting, Crown Reductions, Crown Thinning

Crown lifting which concerns the removal of the lower branches of trees.

Crown lifting provides a shady area to relax in, in the summer months.  It also makes it easier to mow the lawn.  On a safety note, having the lower branches removed may prevent children from climbing up the tree.

Tree Care


We remove dangerous trees whether caused by storm damage age or disease.

Tree Felling, Branch Removal and Stump Grinding services.

A storm caused this tree to split and fall and so had to be removed for public safety.


Tree Care

Hedge Trimming Services

We carry out a hedge trimming service and remove hedges, if required.

Hedgerows can soon grow out of control and do require regular attention, especially in the spring and summer months.

Be wary of hedges getting too high and blocking out the light if they are close to buildings or overgrowing so much that it makes it difficult for people to pass by on the pavement.  We have seen hedges that are so thick pedestrians have to walk single file to get past or even walk on the road to get past which is a safety issue in itself. Getting your hedgerows trimmed and kept tidy is important. Hedges and shrubs trimmed and shaped, if required.

Call us, we will be glad to offer our services.  Our rates are competitive and reasonable.


Garden Fencing - We supple and install a range of fencing.


including posts and bases, if necessary.  Choice of type of fencing, width, height etc.

Front and rear garden fences supplied and installed.  Fencing is a cheaper alternative to building walls. Whether you require fencing for boundaries, privacy or to provide a safer environment for children or pets to be enclosed, we can provide and install fencing to your requirements.



There are a variety of reasons for wanting a tree removed, location, diseased, storm damage, blocking out lights or outgrowing the garden.  Whatever the reason, it is always better to call in the experts.  We have the equipment, experience and the expertise and safety is of the utmost importance.  Contact us for advice or information.

Sometimes, trees can be pruned and it is not always necessary to remove them.  Whether we are trimming trees or removing them, we recycle all the tree branches, and logs and also clear up when we have finished the job.

Landscaping Services

Laying a patio

Patio, Path and turfed garden

When laying turf we fully prepare the area first. This is required whether you are scattering seeds or having artificial grass or turf laid, preparation is important and we ensure the surface is ready before laying the turf or artificial grass.

Laying Turf - instant lawn which is quicker and more effective than scattering grass seeds and waiting for them to grow and will they be evenly spread.  A little attention is required in order to get the lawn established.


We are a professional, friendly tree and landscaping company offering the highest standard of tree felling and tree care services.

We're proud to deliver quality tree services ensuring we produce the required end result.

Our team are trained to a high standard and fully experienced to carry out all types of tree care.

We always ensure your site is left as tidy as possible and take great care to cause minimal disruption to your property, its surroundings and the environment.  We also recycle tree, hedge and shrub waste.

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Areas Covered - Southampton, Fareham, Bournemouth, Stubbington, Romsey, Ashhurst, New Forest, Winchester, Denmead, Waterlooville, Petersfield, Liphook, Alton and much more!

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Our Services

Our Services

We remove Damaged or Dangerous Trees (More)

We provide emergency services for storm damage tree work.

 We deal with all aspects of Tree Care:
Tree Crowning
Crown Thinning
Crown Reductions
Tree Felling 
Tree Topping
Branches removed
Stump grinding
All tree waste is Removed/used or recycled

  Tree Care

Hedge Trim

Hedge Trim

We carry out all types of Garden Work including Hedge Trimming. (more)

Tree Care

Tree Care

We carry out all types of Tree Work.

Fence Work

Fence Work

We supply and install a wide range of fencing.